An extra step towards Neonatal Care

NICU or the Neonatal Intensive Care Units are those units that provide the newborn babies an atmosphere for their physical adjustments after the time of their birth. It helps them adjust their physical temperature with that of the outside atmosphere. It also ensures that the newborn attains and maintains the same health conditions after being delivered. Another major advantage of these kinds of units is that they avoid any kind of health hazards to the neonatal after the immediate birth.

What the preferred methods of neonatal care?

A wide variety of neonatal care products are made availed for the neonatal that are safe to use and ensure complete health of the child. These products look into the basic and specialized needs of the newborn with the basic procedures to use. They provide a complete package to the neonatal with equipments which are user friendly. One of the most user friendly technologies developed by them is the ECMO.

What is an ECMO?

ECMO is nothing but Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation. In simpler terms, it works as an artificial heart and helps in providing blood pressure support. When compared to the cardiopulmonary support devices, ECMO is long lasting to use. They are connected as small tubes which are passed on to the heart through a small incision. Once the device is connected, it primarily drains the blood out of the baby’s body and pumps oxygenated blood back into their body.



ECMO monitoring methods

The ECMO process can be easily monitored using monitors that help in the quick registration of the child’s condition. This can be perfectly done with the help of the newly developed monitors that make a timely registration of the child’s health. There are normally three levels of monitoring followed in neonatology.

These include:

Cardiac monitors: these help in monitoring the heart beat of the new born and adjusting its rhythm and pace

Pulse oximeters: These are devices that are wrapped around the baby’s wrists and foot in order to measure the passing levels of oxygen.

Respiratory monitors: These are devices that use connectors to measure the baby’s breathing which ensure that the newborn experiences no such discomforts in breathing.

There are even some latest developments with regard to IVs which are no more a technical term to the people. Some of these are:

Peripheral IV lines: These are the IV lines that are visible at the periphery and are used for the circulation of medicines into the baby’s body. These are in fact the safest way of usage of IVs for premature babies.

PICC lines: Are actually a bit longer than the regular IVs and are safer to use. Insertion of PICC lines is one of the first things that are done after the baby is admitted in the NICU.

Umbilical catheters: This is another kind of device that is connected through an artery in the umbilical cord where, a vein or a tube can be used for medical administration, blood pressure monitoring, painless blood sampling, and other procedures.

There are also an additional variety of neonatal equipments such as:

Feeding tubes: A feeding tube is a tube that connects the nose or mouth of the newborn directly with its stomach. This function is made much simpler to those babies who are weak enough to receive the nutrition content from nose or mouth.

Incubators: Incubators is a very common device to the adults. It helps provide artificial warmth, thus maintain the body temperature.

Phototherapy: Pre matured babies are most likely to face diseases like jaundice. Phototherapy is a kind of procedure procured by transmitting more amounts of bili lights (lights filled that help break bilirubin that causes jaundice).

Best Preemie Clothes for newborns

Child care begins with hygienic, safe and child friendly clothes. However these clothes have to be worn only under certain conditions. After the child undergoes its systematic checkup of retaining its physical health after birth, the child would now be in need of warm clothes to wear. Thus, there needs to be a permanent solution to the post birth healthcare.

These come in the most child friendly shapes and sizes and are comfortable wears to the new born. These baby care products range from a wide variety of wind shielding hats, easily usable diaper covers and sleep wears for the babies especially when in crib. These help the babies stay warm, maintain and regulate the body temperature at a periodical basis. The parents too, find them user friendly as they are made in accordance with all the medical conditions that the child is likely to undergo.

Thus, the preemie clothes available in market ensure the complete health of the child and keep them comfortable under all conditions.


Infantometer Mat – Easy solution for measuring infant length

It is very important to monitor the growth of an infant, commonly height is considered as the best parameter to measure the growth of an infant. A newborn’s height is to be measured regularly as a part of monitoring the growth of an infant. The parents are more concerned about the growth factor of an infant. Generally, it is very difficult to assess the length of newborns than grown-ups. An Innovative tool is engineered for a quick measurement of an infant which is called infantometer mat. Infantometer mat made by IBIS Medical adheres to the WHO standards with precise measurements. This mat has a board and softly rounded sides that can guide the baby easily and safely into the right position. Nowadays, most of the hospitals prefer infantometer mat as an ideal solution for monitoring the length of an infant.



  • Helps to measure baby’s length in lying down position.
  • Designed in a perfect manner with flexible PVC material will make sure the long life.
  • Its foldable design helps to store the mat in smaller areas.
  • It is portable too.
  • Fixed headrest.
  • It can adjust to the baby’s foot for quick measurement.
  • Easily disinfected by using normal hospital grade cleaning solutions.
  • Proper lettering pattern for reading.



Material flexible PVC
Measurement inch/cm
Graduations 1mm
Measuring Range 5 – 80cm

The IBIS Medicals is one of the major manufacturers of neonatal products in India. They have a wide range of distribution network across the world. To know more details about the infantometer you can click the below link: –


IBIS Medicals introduced an Innovative solution for treating jaundice in babies and promoting mother-child bonding simultaneously, by allowing mother side phototherapy. IRex Blanket is an ideal solution when ventilator or incubator patients require phototherapy. An ideal solution to promote ‘kangaroo care’ and parent-infant bonding while in jaundice treatment. Phototherapy blankets from IBIS Medical are designed as a completely portable and maintenance free system.


The phototherapy blanket exerts blue and white light of varying intensity that permeates through a light fabric. This light helps a lot for an infant who is undergoing with jaundice. During the treatment, the baby is placed close to the blanket. So this light helps to break down the higher levels of bilirubin in the blood, which causes discolouration to the blood. The primary advantages of this blanket are it will not emit unwanted wavelength, it can avoid skin rashes and can reduce the weight loss.


  • Fiber optic technology
  • Special Irradiance 35 μ W/ cm2
  • No ultraviolet / No Skin Rashes
  • No infrared – No fluid loss/weight loss/Hyperthermia
  • Total usage timer and patient timer
  • Larger surface area
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life of LED source – 20,000 Hours



  • Light source – High bright Blue LED – For treatment
  • Wavelength – 450 -465 nm (Peak at 458 nm)
  • Spectral Irradiance – 35μ W/ cm2 nm
  • Surface Area- 45 x 25 cm


  • Electrical Input- 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Fuse- 2A, 220-240W, 50/60 Hz

The IBIS Medical is one of the major manufacturers of neonatal products. They have a wide range of distribution network across the world. To know more details about the IREX Blanket phototherapy you can visit the below link: –

Ibis Medical Launched IREX Duo – World’s First 360 Degree Phototherapy Machine


Ibis Medical announced the launch of its flagship phototherapy machine, IREX Duo in the Medicall Expo on 28, July 2017.The brand new IREX Duo offers 360° coverage and a handful of features yet in an affordable price tag. Ibis Medical expects a massive penetration in the neonatal medical equipment market across the world.

IREX Duo is equipped with cutting edge technologies and features to ensure maximum efficacy than any other phototherapy units in the market. The ergonomic and versatile design of this device helps to use with radiant warmers and incubators effortlessly. IREX Duo uses best in class LED sources to ensure maximum intensity; it can also set to provide light from multiple angles as per the requirement. The radical 360° design allows this device to have the largest coverage area while maintaining the flexibility; it also helped this device to be the most powerful, efficient and cost effective than its rivals. This product strictly adheres to the AAP guidelines and also has Irradiance sensors to measure effective radiance of the light to ensure optimum safety.

Major features of IREX duo are:

Ibis Medical anticipates that IREX Duo can drastically improvise the recovery from neonatal jaundice in a cost effective way. Booking for the IREX Duo is available through the company website, Ibis plans to distribute IREX Duo in Asia and African regions. If you want to know further information about IREX DUO, please visit the link: .

NEONATAL EYE PROTECTOR – For Trouble Free Phototherapy

eye protectorNowadays, the majority of an infant’s have the symptoms of neonatal jaundice by birth, this caused mainly due to the lifestyle, food habits and other medications which mothers take during their pregnancy time. In most of the cases, doctors suggest LED phototherapy treatment for a couple of days to a week as a standard treatment. However, the phototherapy machines emit the high brightness light and the direct contact to such light can harm the eyes of the new born. So, it is necessary to take-care the eyes of newborns because the baby’s eye is so sensitive to such intense light, this can even damage the retina which can make your baby blind.

In order to lessen this problem a new a device is used which is called neonatal eye protector or Infant sunglass. It is a reliable product, commonly used in hospitals during the phototherapy treatment. Neonatal eye protector is safe and comfortable to wear and has an extra protective layer to ensure baby’s eyes are safe. Neonatal eye protector from ibis Medical uses anti allergic and soft cloths to avoid any possible reaction with neonate’s skin. Usually, it is available in two sizes based on baby’s head size term and pre-term. A third size is also available which meant as universal size which has an easily adjustable elastic band.

The main advantages of neonatal eye protector are:-

  • Conforms to any head shape with easy-to-use adjustable tabs.
  • Provides the best protection from phototherapy light.
  • It is made up of ultra soft cotton material and elastic.
  • It offers sufficient ventilation to the eyes.
  • Special eye-pad material blocks harmful light to eyes.
  • Headband design allows phototherapy light to reach baby’s head.
  • Safe and comfortable.

Ibis Medical ( is one of the manufacturer and supplier of neonatal products; it has various distribution networks across the world. If you want to buy or to know more about this product you can visit the link: –

Infant Radiant Warmer from Ibis Medical

Infant Radiant Warmer

Generally, babies can’t regulate the body temperature as adults. The reason is baby’s body has more surface area by weight, this cause quicker heat loss. In this case, the skin to skin contact with the mother helps to keep the baby warm. In the absence of mother’s heat, the newborns have to expend a large amount of energy to stay warm. Usually, sick and premature babies required too much of time and energy to stay warm than normal babies.

In order to lessen this problem, a device is introduced which is called Infant radiant warmer. Hospitals use this device to keep the baby warm when there is an absence of mother’s heat. Infant radiant warmer consist of a bed which helps to keep the baby safe and secure, it also features a radical design which helps to access the baby easily. This warmer can also use for stabilizing and regulating the body temperature of newborns, especially the premature ones. Infant radiant warmer has an adjustable heat source to provide constant temperature to the baby. With the help of the radiant warmer, we can maintain the temperature of an infant to the desired level.

The main advantages of Infant radiant warmer are:-

  • Simple, safe, highly effective
  • Elegantly packaged incubator or a bed with a radiant warmer
  • Adjusts the amount of heat based on the newborn’s body temperature.
  • A highly advanced microprocessor coupled with a superior sensor which helps for accurate temperature management.
  • Temperatures can be set and then the machine takes over and constantly provides the required heat output efficiently.

Various types of Infant radiant warmers are:-

I core 10 basic: –

Infant radiant warmer mounted on a not detachable trolley. Trolley has provision for providing undersurface phototherapy treatment.

I core 10 T: –

Infant radiant warmer with detachable infant trolley. Trolley has provision for providing undersurface phototherapy treatment.

I core 10 B: –

Infant radiant warmer with integrated bed and tray below for stocking essential items.

I core 10 BD: –

Infant radiant warmer with integrated bed and drawer below for stocking essential items.

Please visit: for more information

Ibis medical is one of the major manufacturers of neonatal products all over the world. They have a wide range of distribution network across the world. Please visit Ibis Medical website for more details.


Head Circumference Tape – An accurate way to measure the growth

Ibis Medical Head Circumference Tape
Ibis Medical Head Circumference Tape

Nowadays, many babies are born with abnormal brain growth. This happens mainly because of lifestyle, food habits and lack of proper care during pregnancy. So, Mothers are concerned about the growth of their newborns and they want to access the growth in different perspectives like height, weight, nutrition level and head circumference. Measuring the head circumference is one of the primary elements associated with the growth of an infant. To measure the head circumference we can use the head circumference tape. This is one of the best tool for the paediatric neurological examination and useful for the paediatricians and nurses.

This tape is made up of plastic or paper, so it is portable and can carry anywhere. The main use of head circumference tape is used to detect the growth abnormalities for the newborn. With the help of this tool, they can find the abnormal skull and brain growth in newborns. Defects can detect as early as possible.

Ibis Medical ( is one of the major manufacturers of neonatal products; they distribute products across the world. Head circumference tape is the one of the primary product of IBIS. IBIS is producing two types of head circumference tape like head circumference tape and disposable head circumference tape. Normal head circumference tape is made up of stretchable and non-tearable PVC tape, the measurement is based on Cm/Inch and it is portable and less space consumption. On other hand, disposable head circumference tape is disposable paper made circumference tape, which is used to avoid the cross infections, extra space provided for writing the patient details. If you want to buy head circumference tape you can visit:- and for the disposable tape you can visit:-

Head Circumference Tape Technical Specifications

Material- Flexible PVC

Measurement- Inch/cm

Graduations     – 1mm

Measuring Range- 5- 50 cm /2- 20 Inches

Qty- 3 Pieces/Box


Disposable Head Circumference Tape Technical Specifications

Material- Paper

Measurement- Inch/cm

Graduations- 1mm

Measuring Range- 1 – 70 cm / 0.5 – 30 Inch

Qty- 25 Pcs/Box