5 Good Things About Having A NICU Baby


Fewer visitors :

Visitors were not allowed to enter into NICU to see the babies. Not that having visitors is necessarily a bad thing, but preemies are fragile and it’s critical to keep them healthy. Family and friends were very understanding that we didn’t want to have a ton of visitors at the NICU or even at home for a little while. However, when a child is in the NICU the situation is compounded by wanting to be there as often as possible.

A part of an elite group of mothers :

Despite having some benefits, being a NICU parent there’s something about to give a great appreciation for health and life. mother is someone who is always there for you, and she will do whatever it takes to make you happy. A mom is also someone who help you to run when something goes wrong or when you feel like your world is crumbling and you need some solid advice. She not only knows you but also may be the best inside source to give you advice for you best in life.

Lactation consultants & hospital-grade pumps :

Mothers get better training during the time of rounds in NICU. Whereas, the lactation consultants and mothers reported a concern regarding an overdependency on breastfeeding because breast pumps included the patterns of use, mothers’ experiences, and advantages and risks. mothers’ need to have greater control over the breastfeeding process and to quantify the amount of breastmilk. Due to this irregular quantity in breastmilk, Grade pumps were used in hospitals.

led phototherapy unit

Nurses :

Nurses are like angles, they develop a plan of care and make them safe underwings. Effective interaction towards patients is one of the foundations of good nursing care, this could improve patients satisfaction and get a clear atmosphere from the hospital. Nurses deserve a great respect for their hard work and care. The NICU doctors and nurses we had were absolutely incredible people and they were kind, informative and professionals.

Peace of mind :

NICU would tack an additional 5 days onto their stay. They wanted to be 100% sure that they were mature enough to go home. Babies were quite safe in NICU, Some poorly and premature babies will also need a respirator to help them breathe. So, NICU offers you peace of mind by providing skilled and sensitive management of high-risk pregnancies, as well as outstanding care for babies with special needs.


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IBIS Medical Equipment & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian organization established in the year 2008 and has since been engaged in manufacturing of high quality neonatology focused equipments. Our strategy at IBIS medical is to provide unique and innovative NICU products, developed through continues research. Furthermore, our well experienced bio medical engineers manufacture standard world class machines with their constantly upgraded skills. Over the years, IBIS Medical has installations spread across India, both in the private and government sectors. Ibis Medical has started catering to the export market, with installations now in countries in Africa and South Asia.

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