The UNICEF report says Kerala is backward in breastfeeding for Infants

UNICEF report says that Kerala is still reluctant to breastfeed younger infants in the first hour. Mothers who breastfeed within an hour of birth are only 64%. However, the relief that this figure is higher than the national average of 41.5%.

According to the UNICEF reports, the mortality rate of newborn babies in Kerala making steady progress in the right direction, whereas in breastfeeding there is an unstable situation in Kerala and gives a low breastfeeding rate. Breastfeeding rate in Kerala was 14.2% in 1992-93 and in 1998 – 99 is 4.9%, 55.4%  in 2005 – 06 from there it becomes 64.3% .

According to the report, Sri Lanka has been first in breastfeeding. Nearly 90 percent of the babies are taking breast-milk for the first hour. Whereas India stands on the 56th position from the census.



The study suggests that breastfeeding within an hour of birth can reduce the percentage of newborn mortality rate to some extent.UNICEF Head, Dr. Yasmin Ali said that this information is provided by UNICEF and the World Health Organization on the basis of lack of reluctance in breastfeeding.

Improving breastfeeding habits have helped to reduce the infant mortality rate in Kerala. Jaundice often will resolve itself with the increase inadequate amount of breast-milk.

However, Jaundice is more common in breastfed babies. Definitely, neonatal jaundice is an extreme condition. But with the improvisation of technology and the medical advancements, it can be removed by its root through a form of treatment called LED phototherapy. Breastfeeding jaundice is caused when the baby does not get enough milk. Jaundice is a condition where it occurs in newborn babies within 2-3 days of birth. so, these conditions could be avoided only by breastfeeding. For more details on neonatal jaundice, give a read on the latest advancements regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of the prominent health issue of neonatal jaundice at

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