LED Phototherapy- The Most Favorable Solution for Neonatal Jaundice

Neonatal jaundice is a condition where the newborn is diagnosed with an extremely high level of bilirubin, resulting in the yellow pigmentation of the red blood cells. This might create an adverse effect on the liver. These varying levels of bilirubin can be measured using LED phototherapy and be quickly dispensed. There are mainly four major types of neonatal jaundice- physiological jaundice, pathological jaundice, breast milk jaundice and hemolytic jaundice.

The best way to diagnose and cure neonatal jaundice is through LED phototherapy. It is a treatment method where in high resolute bili lights are passed through the neonate’s body in a much intact manner. The rays produced from the phototherapy machines help in the quicker breakdown of excess bilirubin content in the baby’s body. It is said to be one of the most preferred treatment for neonates due to the availability of the phototherapy devices at a very low rate. Also, this process consumes very less amount of energy and at the same time, provides the most effective remedy with no side effects.

led phototherapy unit

The procedure of phototherapy takes up at least 5 to 7 days to be completed. It primarily involves the focusing of LED rays directly on the baby rather than pouring it in a dismantled manner. The major advantages of this kind of treatment are that it reduces the risk in relation to neonatal diseases like hemolysis, acidosis, asphyxia and hypoalbuminemia; all of these causing the lessening of the birth weight of the child.  As a part of the treatment, the baby is exposed to high resolution LED rays that breaks down and spreads the bilirubin content to its body as well as adequate sunlight. During the process, the eyes of the baby are covered in order to prevent any sorts of discomforts or mishaps.

IBIS has come up with the best available phototherapy machines at the most affordable rates. Since we prioritize in retaining the neonate’s health condition, we assure the quickest retention of the baby’s health with the best medical equipments. Ultimately, our aim is to provide the neonates with the best; in the form of our products and services.

You can continue read about IBIS High Performance, premium LED Phototherapy units (I-Rex series) here.


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IBIS Medical Equipment & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian organization established in the year 2008 and has since been engaged in manufacturing of high quality neonatology focused equipments. Our strategy at IBIS medical is to provide unique and innovative NICU products, developed through continues research. Furthermore, our well experienced bio medical engineers manufacture standard world class machines with their constantly upgraded skills. Over the years, IBIS Medical has installations spread across India, both in the private and government sectors. Ibis Medical has started catering to the export market, with installations now in countries in Africa and South Asia.

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